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  • Waterborne Ceiling Paint Waterborne Ceiling Paint Waterborne Ceiling Paint

    Waterborne Ceiling Paint

    Superior hide for a flawless finish Flattest finish offered by Benjamin Moore Conceals common surface imperfections Easy application with fantastic results Ample open time ensure minimal lapping Formulated for minimal spatter Zero VOC Engineered...

    $35.99 - $414.95
  • Super Hide Ceiling White

    Super Hide Ceiling White

    Recommended for:Low abuse interior wall and ceiling surfaces in commercial and institutional environments. For new or previously painted interior wallboard, masonry, and primed or previously painted plaster, wood or metal. Good hide Good touch...

  • Colour-Changing Ceiling Paint

    Colour-Changing Ceiling Paint

    INSL-X® Colour-Changing Ceiling Paint goes on pink and dries white to help prevent missed spots and provides a uniform, flat finish. Disappearing pink colour-change technology Flat finish Self-priming For smooth or textured ceilings Spatter...

  • Muresco Ceiling Paint Muresco Ceiling Paint

    Muresco Ceiling Paint

    A premium quality, acrylic coating that delivers excellent hide, rolls and sprays on smoothly, resists spatter and offers extended open time for an easier, more efficient application. Ideal on most types of interior ceilings, including textured...

    $21.97 - $234.95
4 of 4 Items