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Stain Matching

How to Prepare?

Benjamin Moore Colour Sense provides excellent quality and professional stain matching service, with any type of wood you have at home. We will try our best to make your custom colour as close as possible to ensure we meet your level of expectation.

In order for us to match your stain as accurately as possible, our Professional Stain Expert will need you to provide the following.

  • A sample of the stain you want us to match
  • The type of wood the stain is going on top of (e.g. red oak, white oak, cedar, maple and etc). It is recommended to bring a sample of the wood to be stained because the store may not necessarily have the type of wood on hand.
  • The method of application (i.e. brush or rag) Our product is water base, so we recommend brush application when applying our stain.
  • Sanding: If it’s a new piece of wood, it is recommended to use 60 – 80 grit sand paper. The feeling of the wood should feel a bit rough when touch. Make sure the wood is nicely cleaned afterwards followed by a 120 light sand. Avoid over sanding.
  • Determine whether you will be wetting the wood before application. If you are looking to create a darker looking stain, this is the type of technique used to open the pores of the wood. This is recommended on certain type of wood, which may absorb and give the stain an uneven look, for example like pine or maple.
  • The type of varnish will be suggested by our Professionals. However, we recommend you to be careful if you decide to use your own varnish. Other brands of varnish may compromise the true colour and result of the stain.
  • Quantity: Quart or Gallon
Our custom stain matches are done with a zero VOC product made by Sansin. They are a global leader in environmentally friendly wood protection. Since 1986, they’ve been focused on creating the best performing most beautiful water-borne wood finishes in the world.

Stain matching will normally take 3-4 business days before completion. When your stain is ready for pick-up. Our professionals will provide instructions, techniques and recommendations to ensure you are on the right track to achieve the desired result. We suggest all our customers to test their stain on a separate piece of wood prior, to ensure you have a better idea of what you are doing and what look you want to achieve.

Technical Data Sheet for Purity VOC Stain