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  • Arborcoat Brighten

    Arborcoat Brighten

    Removes tannin and rust stains Breaks the "mill glaze" on new wood Counteracts the darkening effect caused by the RESTORE (316) and REMOVE (315) products on tannin-bearing woods Concentrated formula

  • Arborcoat Remove

    Arborcoat Remove

    Removes both latex and oil stains Fast-acting formula Removes clear finishes through solid colour stains Concentrated formula

  • Arborcoat Restore

    Arborcoat Restore

    Restores old weathered wood Bleach-free formula is gentle to wood and the environment Not intended for removing old finishes. Use Benjamin Moore REMOVE Finish Remover (315) to remove old finishes. For restoring severely weathered wood. For maintenance...

  • Insl-X Multi-Surface Waterproofer

    Insl-X Multi-Surface Waterproofer

    Specifically developed to meet the needs of today’s customer, this reliable, versatile waterproofing solution is offered in gallon containers. This waterproofer's benefits include:*Ideal choice for concrete, brick, wood, stucco, masonry and...

5 of 5 Items