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Posted by Hope Heres on 2020 Jul 6th

Do not know what colour to paint the interior of your home?

Here is a guide of popular grays/whites to help make your decision easier.

Popular neutral colours that we sell are:

OC-52 Gray owl

Gray owl if a neutral gray that can work in any home. Its perfect to brighten up you place and make it feel brighter and fresh. This colour is a mixture gray and white.

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CC-30 Oxford White

Oxford white is a beautiful colour for your walls as well as your trim. It brightens up your trim making it look new again. This colour is also great for the wall to make a small space feel bigger.

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OC-27 Balboa Mist

Balboa mist is a perfect mixture of gray and beige. This colour adds warmth to your home making it feel cozy and welcoming. This colour works well in a master bedroom as well as your living room.

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OC-64 Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is very white. This colour is perfect to brighten up your window trim as well as brighten up your bathroom.

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2124-60 Misty Gray

Misty Gray is a perfect combination of white with a touch of gray. This colour is calming and adds a warmth to your home.

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Choosing a paint colour is not an easy decision. You need to look at your lighting, the size of your room as well as your furniture to make sure everything goes well together.


Lighting is a big factor in choosing the perfect colour. If you room is small and has little windows you should be looking as neutrals, light grays, and whites to make the space feel bigger. If you go for a dark colour the room will feel smaller and even may feel claustrophobic. If you choose a dark colour make sure to add lots of lighting with lamps, pot lights or even sheer curtains so the light still come through the window.

Do not overwhelm your house with white. White is extremely popular right now, but you can easily have to much white. Having white trim and white walls can overwhelm the eye and making it blinding in your home. Make sure to have a little bit of a tinted white on your wall so the trim and wall do not blend in and overwhelm the eye.

If you are having a hard time finding a colour look at your floor and furniture. What colour is your floor? What colour is your furniture? Is it brown? Gray? White? If your furniture is brown Balboa mist is a perfect mixture of gray and beige to compliment your furniture. If your floor gray? Gray owl and Misty gray would go amazing within your room. Is your furniture white? Well everything goes with white so have fun with colour!

Regal is 100% acrylic paint which has stain release technology that is easy to clean with soap and water, it has excellent hide and coverage for a uniform finish. Regal applies easily and smoothly. It is paint and primer together as well as having mildew resistance. Regal has zero VOC, and low order. Regal can cover 450 - 500 sq. ft and dries in 1-2 hours. Regal can be used on new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry, or wallpapered surfaces.

Regal Select comes in 4 different sheens. Ulti-Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-gloss.


Ulti-Matte finish has no shine to it and is a washable matte. This means that if your kids want to be artist on the wall or grease splash on the wall it is easy to clean. This finish is great for bedrooms, hallways, and living/family rooms.


Eggshell finish has a little bit of shine to it. This finish is perfect for bathrooms, and kitchens.


Pearl finish is shinny. This finish is usually used for trim. It is easy to clean and durable.


Semi-gloss finish is shinier than pearl. This is the most popular sheen for trims. It has the same quality as pearl.